10 reasons to be naked socially

Happy Bare:

God made us naked and he was pleased with his work. Let’s celebrate our nakedness as homage to him.

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Originally published on the NOOK, the Naturist social network

You can be a nudist alone in your home or you can become a social nudist who is nude with others, nude or not. Social nudity is shared by millions of nudists worldwide, whether at home with friends, on a beach, in a nudist resort or camping, in nature while hiking, or just anywhere it’s not illegal to be nude. Here are the 10 reasons I believe are good for anybody to be nude socially.

1. We are all the same
Yes, some are thin, some are fat, some are small, some are big, etc. But in the end, we are all human beings and we have been made on the same mold. So nothing to be scared about. You will notice nobody stares at you, and if it happens, ignore it. If it’s an insisting look, you may want…

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Jade Sambrook: My experience at Bareoke (Montreal’s Strip Karaoke)

Happy Bare:

Bareoke is karaoke down to the skin. Monthly in Montreal! A hit for sure!

Originally posted on The Naked Jade:

About a month ago a friend sent me a last minute Facebook invite to an event called Bareoke, where you are allowed to strip down as ‘bare as you dare’ while you karaoke.

It wasn’t hard for Jade Sambrook to accept the invitation to attend the event. I love to sing, I love karaoke, and above all, I love to be naked!

I was also pleased to learn from the invitation that Bareoke is a monthly event, held at Club Playhouse on Du Parc Street in Montreal, which as a former strip joint still has a licence that allows for public nudity.

I figured that I would wear my kilt since it would be easier to remove than pants while singing. I also figured that it would be original since I would surely be the only person wearing one, and last but not least, that it would add to the entertainment value of my karaoke performance.

Jade Sambrook preparing to attend Bareoke in a kilt. Jade Sambrook preparing to attend Bareoke in a kilt.

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Happy Bare:

Beautiful B&W photography

Originally posted on The Human Gallery:

Klaus Kampert shows us the human figure from his unique perspective in his stunning photographs. He uses ballet dancers as models to achieve poses that morph the body into abstract forms.
His carefully constructed lighting arrangements also help to sculpt the forms into new shapes. Klaus says that the images are concerned with displaying the “constant pursuit of beauty, grace, achievement and perfection” to the viewer

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Faces and Bodies

Happy Bare:

Nakedness says more about us

Originally posted on Vadimage Blog:

Sometimes some interesting stuff escapes your attention. Only recently I read about the work by Frans de Waal and Jennifer Pokorny which won an Ig Nobel Prize in 2012 for “discovering that chimpanzees can identify other chimpanzees individually by seeing photographs of their anogenital regions (their behinds)” [1,2]. Chimpanzees “were not only seeing the photographs as representations of chimps they knew, but linked the face and behind by drawing upon a mental representation of the whole body of those chimps” [3,4].

When I pushed a vision of respectable scientists, taking photos of chimps’ behinds in order to share them with other chimps, away from my imagination, I came to understanding that this discovery might hold a key to understanding the purpose of clothing. Among the Hominidae, chimpanzees are the closest living relatives to humans [5]. Someone even calls humans the “third chimpanzee” [6]. Though, one may ask, “What about…

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Naturism & a real social life.

Happy Bare:

A wonderful post, and so bang on too! The photos are excellent. Happy bare people enjoying themselves, their bodies and their freedom. I don’t know why the new media is called ‘social’, as it is anything but. So many people out there are so distracted that they are not aware of their surroundings and those around them. Frankly I think at time it borders on rudeness, People so tuned in, that they are tuned out, uncommunicative and unreceptive. Pity. Naked people aren’t really like that, at least not that I’ve seen. Thanks for this article. It does really ring true.

Originally posted on the sl naturist:

I was at a (pop) concert recently and was surprised by the number of people living the experience ‘second hand’. That is, they were mainly watching it through the screens of their smart phones!

Look at any bus queue, sit on any public transport, and we’re all addicted to the devices, texting, surfing the net, and unaware of our surroundings, unaware of the life going on around us.

Go to a sports arena and it’s the same. Rather than watching the game, we’re texting friends to say how good the game is (how do we know, faces buried in our phones?).

I guess there are some remaining areas where the smartphone takes second place in life. I’d imagine out on the golf course might be one, where the players mark their cards, take their shots or walk with their buggies. For the duration of the game, they’re focused on the…

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Nakedness is a natural state of being.

Nakedness is a natural state of being.

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Facebook: “Your account has been disabled” | The Naturist Page

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This happened to me!

Originally posted on The Naturist Page:

A friend of mine had his account disabled and removed from Facebook. According to Facebook, his account was disabled for, “Uploading sexually explicit photos”, “Sharing content that contains sexually explicit language” and “Engaging in sexual solicitation” Well now.. I had a view of his screenshot of the message (below) and It does not even contain ANY of the above. 

account disabled

I’d be careful who you friend on your account. don’t just friend anyone. friend only trusted people so this does not happen to any of you and make sure your posts are to friends only and not public posts. An example of what I mean is below.



If you have your posts Public, everyone who is not on your friends list can see your profile postings. When someone reports your photo, it’s not a human that reviews the report. its all automated. They get so much reports to process they…

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