Happy Bare’s second time out in the sun

At Pointe Favreau two days later.

I returned to the same spot two days later and was surprised that nudism / heliotherapy / naturism was just as good the second time as the first! This heliotherapy as I called it not only helped me feel better, it made my mind feel better. I realized that even in my diminished state I had nothing to be ashamed of,  rather, I had a whole hell of a lot to be proud of!  I had read up on UV values and sun exposure times, so I made sure not to over cook. I humoured myself by starting to do situps and crunches and stretches and began to work up a sweat again. Then into the water, to cool off, back to the rock. The people who walked by were friendly and always said hello and smiled. I learned then that this was a gay crowd, and that was OK with me.  Here I was, a naked straight guy in the midst of a whole bunch of naked gay guys, and everything was good! Who’d had tought!


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3 Responses to Happy Bare’s second time out in the sun

  1. Small Change says:

    Hello HappyBare. Nice to have you drop by my blog. I’m looking forward to reading your blog!

  2. aguywithoutboxers says:

    I congratulate you on your tolerance. As a same gender loving social nudist man, if only the rest of the world were as accepting as you! Enjoy being clothes-free!

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