Welcome Happy Bare! A blog about an accidental nudist

This blog is about how I became a nudist, without really trying.

This summer I stumbled into nudism by by chance.  The personal change I experienced was so profound that I decided to document and describe the journey, partly to understand it myself and partly to share my experience with others.

I am a man in my early 60’s, 5’10, 190lbs, reasonably unfit, pasty, tired and worn out. I had just been through a gruelling two year struggle with cancer and all the life changes that this disease entails. The stress that it placed on my professional life, my family life and my marriage was enormous.  For two years I lived in the haze of cancer treatments and those powerful painkillers that steal your soul.  This spring, pronounced cured, or at least, cancer free, I set off on the road to recovery and normalcy.  I resumed bicycling again (I had always been an avid cyclist), and I hoped to feel better soon.

2013-07-13 086

One day while cycling near the river, I spied a huge group of ducklings near the shore and so went down to see and photograph them.  I came upon several groups of people, suntanning naked on the large boulders near the water. They paid me no mind, and I must say I was taken somewhat aback, not at their nakedness but more at their disregard for me. Anyway, it was a fine day indeed, and I decided that I would try this out, after all ‘when in Rome’. I had never enjoy sunbathing before, so I really didn’t expect much. Out of sight of others, I stripped off my clothing and lay down on a large flat rock. The sun was just behind some fluffy clouds, the rock was warm and the breeze gentle. I closed my eyes and began just to feel my surroundings. Very pleasant it was. As the sun emerged an almost electrifying energy enveloped me. It was magical, especially on my genitals. I had never felt such warmth before. Not at all sensual or erotic, but life giving, healing warmth. The sun was so warm that I began to sweat and so like the others near by, I went into the water to cool off. I was a bit apprehensive of my out of shape body, but no one paid any attention, and many of those around me had similar shapes to mine, except that they were tanned rather than my pasty white skin. I headed back to my rock, lay down again and let the sun and gentle breeze caress me once again.  I began to come alive.

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9 Responses to Welcome Happy Bare! A blog about an accidental nudist

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  2. One of the most natural and enjoyable things a human can experience, enjoying nature naturally.

  3. Welcome to our world! If you think it’s great now, just wait until you discover the many more benefits of social nudism!

    We’ll be looking forward to seeing more from you on your journey of discovery!

  4. Small Change says:

    Great account of your first experience!

  5. jillianpage says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere and to naturism. And congratulations!



  6. aguywithoutboxers says:

    Welcome to the naturist/nudist world! This blog is an excellent tool to document your journey into nudity! Best wishes, my naked blogging brother!

  7. carlnudi says:

    Beautiful description of your first time nude sunbathing. Your writing style makes it easy for many of us to relate the feelings you experienced to how we felt our first time. At least I did.

    • Happy Bare says:

      Hi Carl. Thanks. I’m still trying to get over the thrill of it all. You refer to it as ‘our first time’ But imagine, that’s the way it’s supposed to be, we’re so happy and amazed just to shed the shackles of clothing. What a screwed up world we live in.

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