Coming clean about my secret 20km night bike ride.

Near where I live is a thin strip of man made land, some 14 kilometers long, that separates the St. Lawrence Seaway from St. Lawrence river. This strip of land has a full two lane road 10 kms of which is  paved for seaway service and emergencies that runs along the top. This road is a bicycle path it’s entire length and access from Saint Lambert and Sainte Catherine is closed every night at 10PM.


It is unlit except for by the moon on moonlit nights and the city lights way off in the distance. There is no one there at night. No people, no cars, no security.

One or twice a summer, of the hottest and most humid nights, I access the path just before 10PM. I bring my bike which has both a front and back blinker, a bright LED headlamp, (the one that you wear on your head), clear riding glasses (for the night bugs), a small back pack, water and snacks. The head light is for safety, If there is anyone on the path I’ll see them quite clearly, and they will see my headlight, only when I pass may they realize that I’m in the buff, but by that time I’m well beyond them. I wait for the stragglers to clear the path. I strip to my shoes, socks and helmet and ride off into the night. The feeling is tremendous, the warm night air caressing every part of me, simply magical. I look forward t it every year.


Some time this summer, join me. We’ll ride together.

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19 Responses to Coming clean about my secret 20km night bike ride.

  1. jillianpage says:

    What a great idea! It sounds wonderful. I used to live on the South Shore, near the bike path.

    Have you ever encountered any negative reaction from people during your nude rides on the path?

    • Happy Bare says:

      No, it’s just like ships passing in the night. I do not believe they realize that I’m naked. Only once there was an ‘Oye! as tu vu ça!’. I think it’s a real lark indeed, it is really magic.

  2. Sascha says:

    Great! I did something similar. I just did nude night walks. I love them too. But I guess I have to try that nude bike ride thing, too. If You like to exchange some info then just send me an Email (

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  4. ChrisB says:

    Well done – I too have discovered the pleasure of skinny dipping and naked walks in the last few years. I dared jogging naked along a footpath through a local county park which follows an old railway line. To my horror a cyclist came the other way. Too late to put my shorts on so I carried on without comment. Lately I have walked naked up local hills and no longer worry if I meet anyone, but your cycle ride sounds great – would love to do that!

    • Happy Bare says:

      I have heard that free hiking is quite popular. I haven’t tried it yet but I sure I will!

      • ChrisB says:

        I had not heard the phrase ‘free hiking’, but I have done it quite few times; usually early in the morning when no-one is about, and a after a skinny-dip in a small river. I have met walkers including a lady walking her dogs: I keep a respectable distance apart from when a guy was walking on the same path, when we just said hello and carried on. A naturist friend who we know via Facebook from doing a charity skinny-dip, and who also knew people who do the World Naked Bike ride, organised a beach bbq and a hike this year. A group of us met on a quite beach for a swim and bbq, though there were clothed people there too. Some of us also hiked naked up the highest peak in South Wales on a very hot day this summer. It was a little bit odd, but very enjoyable, to walk naked all afternoon – even when we met other walkers at the peak. I would love to do that again next year.

      • Happy Bare says:

        I am quite new to all this. You seem to have quite a bit of experience indeed.I found that I really enjoy the feeling of freedom I’ll keep posting what I discover.

  5. Nightriding is awesome – but do you really need the lights on? – I myself often ride a tranquil strip in the dark an my vision ajust quite well, when every light is off. So i’m just asking… In my personal opinion, the ride in darkness makes the night more vivid, the stars brighter and the citylight more flourescent, when seen from the distance. I can recommend trying. 🙂 But i have never rode naked – where i live, it’s tooo cold AND illegally…

    • Happy Bare says:

      I love to ride in the complete darkness too, but it is real dangerous. The chance of a head collision is to high over a distance of 20 kms. I have had close calls. The lights are small blinkers (LEDs) set low on the bike so that you can’t see them yourself, and the light worn on the helmet is bright only to approaching traffic. It does not hinder you from seeing the stars. Try it. I thought the Danes were lax about nudity.

      • The reason i choose to turn off the light is they impair my nightvision. Regarding nudity- it’s no big deal, if you do it in nudityareas. But if one see another take a swim in a rather desserted part of the beach, well then they do that… As long as they’re minding their own business. But the Danes are protected by the Act of Modesty against flashers and offending nudety private as in public. (It’s allso illegal to wander in your garden as is, if your neighboors can see you. (giggle). Anyways, i’ll love to see pics from your nightrideareas! 🙂

  6. aguywithoutboxers says:

    You go! That is so cool! Everything done naked is better! As for any passers-by, as you wrote, once they realize you’re clothes-free, you’re long gone. Most probably think it perhaps is their imagination!

  7. roger says:

    i always wanted to ride nude specially along the ice bridge I suntan nude along the shores and bath nude often it’s fun I’m a fit male the other day it was only 17 c I stripped down and bathed nude in the seaway canal I can’t get enough being nude I usually put nair body hair body neck down then rinse off in the water to bad summer is coming to a end hopefully this sunday I will have a chance again or Saturday!

    • Happy Bare says:

      Hi Roger, I too am quite often there although not in the past week of so. My buddy Scott and I like the picnic table location about .7km southwest from Pointe Favreau. I’ll look forward to meeting you. I have ridden the Seaway path naked twice this year (ice bridge to the lock at Ste Catherine, but you are right it would be fun to ride the ice bridge naked as well. I would love to do photos of it as well. next year, let’s ride.

      • roger says:

        looking forward to next season do any ladies ever show up?? would be nice if they put sand down and make a real beach I love to be nude I’m not gay but just love the cool air on my body feels amazing

      • Happy Bare says:

        No, it’s all guys, but not all gay guys. next year we ca go together. More fun and we won’t get hassled.

  8. Rog says:

    It was a cool rainy day in Montreal I stripped down and walked for kms along the shore it was fun and cool outside I’m a fit male made my nipples sure stand out the cool air it was fun and amazing

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