Nudist Pubic Shaving?

Movember is about growing a moustache throughout the month of November and collecting donations for men’s prostate health while doing so.  This leads me to wonder what are the pubic shaving habits of modern nudists / naturalists.

Please vote and comment.

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6 Responses to Nudist Pubic Shaving?

  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    I don’t shave any of my body hair, whatsoever. No razor goes below my neck. Nor does my boyfriend/partner. I do shave my facial and head hairs. As naturists/nudists, we both prefer the “natural look.” It’s a personal choice for men and we respect that. Cool survey! Much love and naked hugs!

  2. Small Change says:

    Why did you construct the poll such that you cannot make two selections, one for each gender. It is fairly obvious that many people have a double standard as regarding body hair. Just look at the naked pictures that you see anywhere: women should be thin & bald; men can be out of shape and as hirsute as they like! 😉

    My personal opinion is that one should let hair grow where God has decided it should grow. If you want to trim it some for comfort’s sake, OK, but don’t deny its existence!

    • Otto says:

      Both my wife and I are smooth and regularly remove body hair. We like it that way and is our personal preference. But we appreciate that others may prefer not to. It is all down to personal taste.

  3. Why on earth would any nudist/naturist care if someone shaves their pubis, or anywhere else for that matter? Pluck your nose hairs if you want, or ears, or knuckles! Not my business, and certainly not anyone else’s, no more than someone’s religion or politics, marital status, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

    The only thing important in our nudist/naturist community is that we DON’T judge folks based on those reasons. We judge by behavior, not appearance. Those who don’t understand that don’t understand social nudism at all.

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