It’s a fine line we toe.

Child porn or nudist bashing. You decide.

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2 Responses to It’s a fine line we toe.

  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    It is indeed a confusing situation. However, if the parent had posted these photos online, then I have to agree with the prosecution. On the other hand, if they were merely actual photographs in his possession, then I’m not so certain. Thanks for posting this. Take care and stay bare!

  2. There’s not enough information to know anything for certain, but according to other accounts, prosecutors say there are genital close-ups. Worse, the photographer was arrested earlier this year for producing child porn and was in trouble years ago also. He somehow only not slipped past the background check, but then became Sunsport’s camp photographer!

    The father here was also investigated earlier due to a problem with relatives who didn’t like him moving to Sunsport with the kids, but Florida authorities didn’t find anything unseemly going on. Sunsport itself has been investigated for posting nude kid’s photos online but again, no laws were found to have been broken as the photos were deemed to be non-sexual.

    It’s a sad state of affairs that tarnishes our entire social nudist community and is the worst kind of publicity we could get, obviously. All the explanations in the world will not erase this from Textile minds already predisposed to believe this is the norm, and the this will fuel pending Florida legislation intended to further restrict nudity in that state.

    We can hope that AANR and TNS will come out strongly and loudly in defence of our wholesome lifestyle once this thing is sorted out. Unfortunately, that’s highly unlikely, based on past performance and their dwindling influence in both the naturist and Textile worlds. A sad day for all of us ‘happy bares’.

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