Dark, Hot, Nude Yoga with Angels, Crystals and a catchy sound track?

yoga1A long time ago when I first studied yoga,  it was done in a simple, quiet and still room, dimly lit with incense burning. Men and women wore light clothing such as gym shorts and t-shirts, and sat in a circle with a yogi to guide us. There was little conversation and few distractions. We sat and relaxed, we stretched, we contemplated, we meditated through the positions we were shown.  We listened to our breathing and our heartbeats.  We chanted the mantra ‘OM’.  We focused on our bodies and minds.  We felt the resonance of the mantra in our chests.  We were at peace.   At the conclusion of the session it was almost as if we awoke from a trance.  I found yoga to be a very peaceful and introspective experience.

Now fast forward 40 years. I will do yoga again. There are so many options. Dark yoga, hot yoga, naked yoga, yoga done as exercises, much like aerobics or Pilates, Yoga done with angels, yoga done with crystals, and yoga done with headphones with one’s favourite driving rhythms. I am surprised at how little mention is made of introspection and self discovery now. Modern yoga seems to be about exercise and physical fitness, about weight loss and body toning.


Having become a naturist, I’ll try not to judge the changes in modern yoga,  I’ll consider them all, and surely try some. I can understand yoga done in darkness.  The lack of stimulation for the eyes may certainly help one to focus inside.  Hot yoga is really popular, I imagine it’s like yoga done in a Finnish sauna.  It is good to be warm when you are doing yoga.  Yoga with goosebumps and shivers certainly causes you to loose focus. I suppose you can concentrate on the sweat rolling off your body, but I do not think that sweat soaked spandex yoga pants and top would feel very nice at all.  Hot naked yoga I think would be nice.  Naked yoga seems to be a natural way to do yoga to me. Probably solo to start, but then in a group once I have regained the ability to focus.  Naked yoga with a close partner would be ideal and a treat.  Yoga with angels and crystal seems a bit contrived. If you must focus on angels or crystals, then you don’t really focus on yourself. I’ll pass on that.  And yoga with ear buds and an I pod?  Not for me, listening to someone else’s sound track would cause me to loose focus.  I can’t even ride a bike and listen to music, I find that it colours the ride.

I will take an introductory naked yoga class in January to get reacquainted with it again, and then I’ll try hot naked yoga at home and in a lovely pine forest I know this summer.

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One Response to Dark, Hot, Nude Yoga with Angels, Crystals and a catchy sound track?

  1. M says:

    I just signed up for a beginner yoga class. It is something that has always intrigued me. You will have to describe your naked yoga class :).

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