How freeing it must be to feel confident to be nude


A new friend ‘M’ from the blogosphere remarked “How freeing it must be to feel confident to be nude”.  I have never been an overly confident person. I’m quite reserved and wouldn’t want to offend anyone with unseemly behaviour.  I’m aware of people’s feelings and I wouldn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable in my presence. I would keep my shirt on in mixed company and at least turn away while changing clothing, (but I have always slept naked), at the beach I would wear baggy bathers and a t-shirt. I used to say that I did not like lying in the sun. I did not take any specific care of my body, I was marginally fit and occasionally paunchy, always untanned and scarred in many places from life’s bumps and bruises.  I didn’t hate my body, but I didn’t love it either. I never for one moment thought that becoming a nudist would make such a dramatic change in my life. The ‘confident to be nude’ thing is the result of accepting myself as I am and when in a group, accepting others as they are, without judgement. When you realize that others accept you as you are, you are no longer embarrassed about being you. We spend so much time hiding ourselves and embellishing our outward appearance that we forget who we are, and what it is that makes us the wonderful people that we are. I think that it led me to celebrate myself, and that made me feel good. It was a nice change indeed. Thanks M! Nice to meet you.

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3 Responses to How freeing it must be to feel confident to be nude

  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    Once we are comfortable accepting ourselves and all of our physical imperfections, it becomes second nature to accept others for exactly who they really are. These differences, some major and some minor, are what make each of us special and unique.

    A very accurate and insightful observation, my bare blogging brother. Thank you! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

  2. airseatraveler says:

    I can say this much, I can talk at some length about my physical insecurities, and there were times when I got made fun of in the showers. Becoming a nudist didn’t make them necessarily go away, but it made me celebrate them as the things that made me who I am. At the same time, it also made me want to take pride in my body image and be more critical about the things I can change, like my weight, muscle tone, etc. When I pose nude for life modeling or photography, I love seeing how much I have changed in just the last year.

    • Happy Bare says:

      Yes, I’t all a question of attitude. If you beat yourself up about your body, then you’ll never be happy about your outside and your inside as well. When you accept yourself as you are and begin to celebrate yourself, you actually stater to look and feel better. I find it remarkable.

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