Naked at home

Some folks just like to be naked in the comfort of their own homes. When they are naked at home they can relax and let the stress of their busy days just dissipate away. They leave the madness of the modern world outside. At home they can hang out in the nude, doing home type things, fixing, cleaning, cooking, reading, sleeping or watching TV. Outside their homes, weather and neighbours permitting, there’s gardening, pool, hot tub, or just sunbathing. The nudist community is made up of people from all walks of life and ages who all believe that being together while nude is fun, relaxing, and comfortable. If you are a home nudist, visit a local nudist resort and meet other people who feel the way you do. Nudists are not about sex. Nudists are about being free, free of clothing. Being bare.
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48 Responses to Naked at home

  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    Thanks for the re-blog, my nude buddy! Many folks don’t even consider the fact that nakedness can be appreciated and enjoyed at home and alone. Good job! Take care, stay bare and be safe! 🙂

  2. Every chance I get. I work out in the garage – butt naked. I am now. ok, I don’t gross out the neighbors. If I go outside nude, it’s early – before anyone else is up. It just feels better. And freer.

    • Happy Bare says:

      I too have started spending more and more time at home naked. At first I was a little self conscious always making sure that by bathrobe was nearby in case of unexpected visitors. I am so used to it now that I have to be careful to not do things that may cause me harm, like cleaning with strong chemicals or cooking. I love working out naked. I start with warm up stretching, then cardio, then calisthenics then just a little weights. I clean house naked do my office work naked and just hang out naked. I live in Canada so on really chilly days, I put on my slippers and bathrobe but I leave it open.

      • darrinna2 says:

        When I get naked, I feel good until night time then I feel guilty. What can I do about this?

      • Happy Bare says:

        I don’t know why you would feel guilty. Why do you feel tat way?

      • Neil says:

        Hi, I have just started being a nudist. As you say at first i was a bit shy and kept a towel with me all the time. Now I get home from work and basically strip off and stay naked right through to the morning, I have turned up the heating so that I am comfortable, my girlfriend is fine with it and has started to sleep naked…

      • Indra Winangun says:

        I agree with you, that being naked at home we will really relax from the stressful from the daily life.

    • OK, it’s a bit chilly here in Florida. I have to turn on the heat to be comfortable -and I lived 17 years in Alaska. Right now I’m butt naked. Walking outside inn the early morning? Not for a while.

  3. yden4466 says:

    I am new to the naturist community.
    I am strategizing on how best to handle it when I forget as I know I will when my grown children or my neighbors or in-laws do a “pop-in” and I answer my door au natural!

  4. tombared says:

    I think that mutual respect is key. When visitors come to our house they are aware that they may see naked adults, if they have a strong opinion about it they have options, tell us before they arrive, accept what they find when they arrive or just don’t bother coming at all. We try to accommodate other points of view, but we expect others to be equally accommodating.

  5. Pat Galbraith says:

    BHey, don’t worry. If you feel good, ok. As I saidm just don’t freak out the neighbors.

    • tombared says:

      Being naked at home is a personal choice of course, one that is down to each individual. I choose to be naked about 85% of my time at home no matter who comes. Delivery people see me naked, so do neighbours, the secret is simple, don’t make it a big deal & give people options. If they don’t want to see me that’s fine, they don’t need to look. Those who do just behave as if I were clothed, so do I. I do prefer to get dressed if young children are visiting, I don’t want to explain myself to them if their parents choose not to. People seem relaxed & untroubled by natural nudity and not in the least threatened or embarrassed, after all it is the way we were created, without shame or clothes!

      Patrick Thompson

  6. naturalian says:

    Good article,thoughtful comments. It is the way to be in your own environment! Have reblogged this on my own blog!

  7. roger says:

    being home naked is amazing washing the car nude cutting the grass, or showering nude,

  8. Jeff says:

    Several years ago, it all started with me just by sleeping nude. No more night clothes I said. They were just uncomfortable. I went to bed without anything on. Nothing. All natural. When my wife saw me she said, what are you doing! I explained. The first night was a little uncomfortable but soon after it was just the way it was. It then extended to a little bit after I woke up. I would walk into the living room and turn on the TV. I would watch for awhile then get dressed. During the week, after my wife went to work I just wouldn’t put anything on until noon or so. Then it extended in to the afternoon and late afternoon. I would get dressed just before she would come home from work. It had turned into just that. When she isn’t home I don’t have clothes on. In the summer time, I go out to the pool in a swimming suit and jump in. I then remove it as soon as possible. My pool has bushes making thing private for me. There have been a couple times the neighbor has walked by and said hello but never mention anything. I don’t know what I’ll do if I have to start wearing clothes again.

    • Happy Bare says:

      Yes, it is so freeing to be naked. If i have to wear a swimsuit, I would rather not swim.

    • Neil says:

      I was the same. Started sleeping nude, then evenings with my wife and now all the time. Just do it step by step. I now refuse to wear clothes at home and she is fine with it…

    • DB says:

      Thank you! I’m middle aged, repressed, and only recently discovered the electric sensation of a cool breeze on the 50% of my body that has been fully covered 23.9 hours a day for my entire life. I started sleeping nude, then actually going to other rooms. How absolutely ridiculous most of my life’s inhibitions have been.

  9. Ray Waters says:

    I’m a gold AANR member and a fundlemetest Christian and a bad speller however, I believe that God created man to live without wearing clothes in the garden at least. Tucson, Arizona 85705-9232

  10. Mike says:

    Just started home nudism. What a thrill. Really hate when the time comes that I have to put the clothes on. I find my self hurring back home to get undressed. A great feeling.

  11. It’s a bit odd – OK, maybe not. I bought a g-string on line. It feels more sexy being just a bit ? covered than totally nude. Is this weird

    • Happy Bare says:

      So interesting Pat that you have discovered this, as I have. Nudity and nakedness were instrumental to me in combating my body shame issues a couple years ago issues that had come about after surgery and chemo for rectal cancer. During the recovery process I was searching for underwear that that allowed air circulation for my bum, but offered support for the boys. Boxers and briefs aggravated the situation, so one day I too found thongs and then g-strings on line. The g-string offered a complete and rapid solution for my problem, and yet I felt ashamed to wear them. I had always bought sexy small lingerie for my wife. I loved it when she wore the tiniest sexiest things, but when I wore something small and sexy I felt bad. Once I tried nudity and accepted myself as a naked person, I understood that a man can wear sexy things too, (i don’t mean women’s clothing) and that swimming in board shorts was complete ridiculous. For the times that I was not naked after that I wore my g-string and enjoyed it so much that I bought many more and I tossed out drawerfuls on nasty attractive men’s underwear. Initially I was self conscious, but yet I felt more sexy and alive just knowing I was wearing my wonderful (Gregg Homme) g-strings. I felt just fantastic and I now understand the way women feel when they get dressed up really sexy. Something that most men don’t experience because we are taught to hide and ignore our bodies. So like you I feel sexier in nice underwear than when I am completely naked.

      • I sympathize. I had a very old friend die from colorectal cancer. I miss Fred a good friend. Friend was a good materials engineer too. Last April I lost my kid sister to lung cancer. Hint – don’t smoke – anything, medicinal or otherwise. Tried g-strings. I sort of like kinky in my old age. Don’t like them. It’s probably a guy thing – I don’t like anything up my butt. This morning was the first time I could walk outside nude. OK, before dawn – but, that’s my rule. Don’t gross out the neighbors. I hunk it’s chilly inFlorida! Ho ho. Try Maine!!

        Summary. Kinky is good. Don’t apologize. My only problem is that I’m alone. If you can cut it, couples mobettah.

      • roger says:

        hi pat yes I been wearing a g string for years I only tan in a thong have a amazing thong tan,, I go each summer to punta cana and tan in my thongs the latins love my tan have photos if sum one would like to see

  12. Bianca says:

    I live in Brazil, São Paulo. I sleep nude every night. Is so natural and I can’t sleep with clothes anymore. I do that for more than ten years. When I’m at house only me and my wife, I don’t wear nothing and she is totally nude or wear a kind of sarong without underwear. Why? Because we know that is so natural and we feeling very well this way. Why wear clothes? And we save power with air conditioning, water and soap to wash clothes. As you can see, the nudity is ecological too. The people that try nudism are happy by this decision would like to take this decision on the early of your life is. Enjoy the nudist without guilt.

  13. Pat Galbraith says:

    Hey, who ordered this yankee weather? I’m wearing clothes and have the heat on. Where’s this global warming I keep getting promised?

  14. kauaiartist says:

    Thank you so much for liking my poem Naked Artisan. I appreciate it. Especially from another nudist! If you go back to my blog, there are other poems about nudity there. I am dedicated.

    Brent Kincaid, Wordmusic.

  15. Last night I wore drawers,sweat pants, a short sleeved sweat shirt and socks to bed -and I was cold!

  16. Pat says:

    Hey, this is a pretty friendly site. Admittedly I’m shy, socially. Period. That’s why I’m alone. It’s been cold here this winter. I didn’t retire to Florida to use heat. This year I’ve been using heat!!!. Things have finally gotten back to “normal”, whatever the hell that is. I’m typing this nude OK, I have socks on. I’m back to working out in the garage – nude. OK – again those socks and reef creepers. Feels good. Still 30 pounds overweight! I can go out into the back yard nude to distribute coffee grounds on my garden. Rule – don’t gross out your neighbors. Do it early. But. I’m an early riser.

    One problem. Alone sucks.

  17. pop says:

    In the summer time, I go out to the pool in a swimming suit and jump in. I then remove it as soon as possible…When I get naked, I feel good i hope to be all life

    • roger says:

      hi, im a fit male nice g string tan! my brother and his family was away on holidays I was doing sum stuff around his house while their were gone away ,, it was a hot summer day during the week! so I stripped down and hopped in his pool hoping no neighbours were peeking out the window! I;m shaved nude after words tanned nude with a big hard on!

  18. finnwest2015 says:

    Thanks for the reblog!
    Awesome site. Will follow you in future!
    Peace and love,
    Finn West

  19. Arch says:

    I think naked is the way we should be always I hate close to restricting ,and I injoy a beautiful body to me they are a work of art and ,I still start to grow sometimes I don’t have to think nasty I still get I’m harassed but imgitting better

  20. roger says:

    hello ! everyone, cant wait for summer heat to be nude 🙂 hope fully soon its fun and the chances to get caught make it more exciting! need to work on my tan !

  21. Pat Galbraith says:

    It’s summer – in Florida. I can workout in the garage -totally nude. It was 86 F. I worked up a good sweat – what I need. I’m a bit pudgy. 202 this morning and I’m 5′-10+ and shrinking. Target is 180-. As I type this I’m totally nude. My preferred state. Now, if I could just get the courage to go into the back yard nude and weed the orchard. Gotta work on that.

  22. Grey says:

    I can’t wait to get home and get undressed. My wife and I have slept nude since we got married, but not sit around the house in the buff although I always wanted to. What I had never told anyone is that I always wanted to since I was an early teen. I would walk around the house in a thin bath robe and let it lay open if my parents were not around.
    As one other person posted, I am a Christian but never felt guilty about being nude. What’s been exciting for me in recent months is being nude at home since our daughter married and moved away. My wife questioned me at first and said it was weird. Later she felt bad and apologized. Since then I have been easing her into the idea and have actually been successful in getting her to go nude in the house. I really can’t explain why I enjoy it so much so I just accept it. I’m happy to find these other comments. I know I’m not weird and now, not alone.

    • Happy Bare says:

      Not weird at all. I feels so good to be free of clothes, The skin is our largest sensory organ and we keep it covered up, wrapped in cloth. Nakedness allows us to experience the environment with our full senses. That’s why we feel alive.

      • Grey says:

        I agree! My wife has gotten over thinking it’s weird and now joins me frequently. I’ve never felt better at home! It probably won’t happen in my lifetime but maybe society as a whole will get beyond the hang up about clothes and people can be bare anywhere 🙂

  23. Dave says:

    Yes, I’ve always been of the opinion that if we were all nude, then there would be less aggression
    in this world

  24. Tom says:

    I’ve been a nudist for over 50 years. Finally, I found a forum to express the love and freedom of being one with the universe, naturally, without shame and without the pornographic influence of main stream society. They just don’t understand. Let this short reply be my barefoot in the door. I have so much more I want to share. Later…

  25. Rog says:

    Was just outside nude washed the car so much fun watered the grass and flowers

  26. easytiger says:

    btw Nice Boobs….! ( ) ( )

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