We all walked around naked when it was appropriate


We all walked around naked when it was appropriate, there wasn’t a lot of shame to it. – Alanis Morisette, on growing up in a house where nudity was the norm.

“I was in my shower when I thought of the idea…When I’m naked, I feel so free and liberated and unself-conscious and close to God. So I thought it would be appropriate to be naked in my video.” – On her nudity in the music video for ‘Thank U’


I recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone. I recommend walking around naked in your living room. – from “You Learn”

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18 Responses to We all walked around naked when it was appropriate

  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    Excellent observation, my naked buddy! A very healthy approach to nudity. Thanks for offering it to us! Take care and stay bare! 🙂

  2. naturalian says:

    Non-sexual,natural nakedness is so right!

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  4. taffy evans says:

    Good video, very natural as everyone should be as much as possible

  5. Nat2020 says:

    “We all walked around naked when it was appropriate”

    Or when they need nudity to promote their work. Marketing are always using nudity to promote products, musicians to promote their albums and so on.
    The point is if this kind of nudity will help a free clothes way of life.

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  7. elmcal says:

    Thanks for liking my post.

    • elmcal says:

      I’m intrigued by the reason you liked my post since I mention that I cut ties with nudism.

      • Happy Bare says:

        I have looked through your recent posts, and I can not find the specific one that I ‘liked’. Did you take it down?
        I’ve read this post and here’s what I learned about you. You believe in God. You struggle with that belief because you believe that you sin. You say you’ve quit nudism. You say that you will be limiting skinny-dipping to with your future wife once you are married. You struggle with masturbation and pornography. You would like to to buy and wear a thong. You are a young man and you are searching for who you are.

        Understand one thing. God made you. He made all of you. God’s work is perfect. He is proud of his work. You should not be ashamed of his work, you should not be ashamed of yourself. You should not be ashamed of your body or your feelings. About nudism, why would you want to hide Gods work. You should be proud of your body you should take care of it and keep it as best you can. Please take the sex out of nudity. It is not sinful. Nudity is not a sexual statement. It is you. and, God loves you. About skinny-dipping, much the same as nudity. Enjoy your body, be proud of it. About masturbation. Your sex drive is there inside of you, you have not made it up. It’s there for reproduction and it’s there for your pleasure. God gave it to you and he wants you to enjoy it. It is perfectly natural. It is there to relieve tension and frustration. Notice how it calms you down physically? it does the same thing emotionally and spiritually. It’s God’s gift and it is not a sin. Get over the nakedness/sexuality/sin thing and you will be closer to God. If you believe you sin because of God’s gift to you and are ashamed, how can you be close to God? Your life will be a lot simpler if you just accept the Lord and his fine work… and stop beating yourself up!

        I ‘like’ most thing I read on the blogosphere. I do that to acknowledge to the writer that I have read and understood and appreciated his effort.

        I wish you good fortune and enlightenment in God’s grace.

        Please forgive me if I have been to bold in my reply to you.

      • elmcal says:

        Thanks. And no forgiveness needed. 🙂

  8. Scott says:

    Always a good thing when nudity is shown in a positie, natural and non sexual light.

  9. Mike R. says:

    I’m a big fan of her music,and the awesome attitude toward casual nudity only makes it better 🎶

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  11. FBN says:

    Is it jarring to inject a little reality into these comments? She’s not nude; she is covered up by blurring. I call it fake. I appreciate her talent and I support her viewpoint, but if she’s going to be nude it needs to be real, not Hollywood fakery.,

  12. wilbob says:

    Oui et alors c’est grave ou pad

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