All together in the alltogether. Family nudism.

aaBeing naked together as a family is an important way to share core body image values with your children.  From a very early age they will learn that their bodies are healthy and normal. The chance that they will acquire body image problems and issue in later life will be greatly reduced.  Teach your kids to love themselves and to love their bodies.  They’ll grow up to be happy, healthy, normal adults.

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25 Responses to All together in the alltogether. Family nudism.

  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    A very important lesson, my bare brother! Unfortunately, the ones who need to read this, the gymnophobes, more than likely won’t! Great post! Take care, stay bare and be happy! 🙂

  2. Totally agree with this 110%

  3. Reblogged this on The Naturist Page and commented:
    I agree with this 110%

  4. I love your site also.!

  5. Jason Lee says:

    if I had a nudist daughter is it ok to get erections when she’s around me?

    if I’m living with a family of nudists is it ok if I get erections in their house?

    • Happy Bare says:

      Getting erections around nudists is not OK., especially your daughter. Go to a nude beach, you’ll quickly realize that is not sexual. In all the times I have been with nudist I have only ever once seen an erection, and it was on a young adolescent boy who was not aware he had one.

      Don’t think that when you go to a nudist thing you will get a boner.

      Nudism is not sexual. Try it. You’ll see.

      • Barry Hebden says:

        “young adolescent boy who was not aware he had one” is probably one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard. We are fully aware of our erections from the time were barely able to walk. He was fully aware of it.

      • John gomoll says:

        I think you are absolutely absurd to tell someone that to get an erection is not allowed and wrong. Come on, really? I am pretty sure it is a wholesome natural event that happens to the human male. To shun him for it????? Hell why don’t you just tell him to go back and put some clothes on… Sure, when he goez to a nude beach a few times he’ll see a d learn to controll his sexual tension…. But to say it is wrong and not allowed is putting undue pressure on any ma

    • Scott Adams says:

      The first day you struggle through it. Covering when Needed. After that should not be a problem.

    • corky5678 says:

      Erections from sexual arousal are rare at family-friendly naturist resorts and beaches. But we do understand males get spontaneous nonsexual erections especially in the morning. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or comment about. Others ignore it as long as you don’t draw attention to yourself or do anything that would make others uncomfortable.

      Do you ever feel you want to get out of bed and join your family for breakfast but you can’t because you’re too embarrassed of an erection? It will go away soon if you just get up. Your body does not need an apology and is no one else’s business anyway. Trying to hide only makes you appear shameful, sneaky or dishonest. Naturism is based on body acceptance and the belief the human body is not shameful. Whether it’s a medical condition, an implant or just being a healthy male, it’s your behavior that matters.

    • Jonathan says:

      Jeez! Really dude? REALLY?!

    • Eric Schlegel says:

      If it is not yet horizontal, let it be. Any more past that, you got a full-on woody, so wrap a towel around it, which you need to have everywhere that you go, anyways. Take a walk about, and your energies will be directed twords that, and not your dick. If it persists, go to the bathroom and give him a spanking. As for your daughter, if it happens more then once, or when alone with her, then yeah, that could be a problem. Look into that and find out why. Men have been arrested for less.

  6. Just wanted to say “Than-x-” for re-blogging my Post on Creationist/Christian Naturism. Getting the Word out, IN TRUTH, is really important.

  7. Bondi says:

    Personally I think this country would be more at peace if nudesm was legal. I love being naked, feel at one with nature

  8. Randy says:

    Jason , nudity has nothing to do with getting an erection usually one can control it , it has to do with enjoying being nude with others of either sex .

  9. secret says:

    you guys try to make mess in this country! Please some respect. We are free to nude in limited places. Are you agree to leave your daughter naked with her boyfriend to have some orange juice around! What do you expect from naked men and women? How can you improve your sex life with the wife if you live this kind of life?

  10. Hossam Tawadros says:

    I raised my four children like this and they’re all happy and healthy adults now I have been a naturist for over 15 years love the lifestyle more young family should be introduced to it. If it were possible to make it mandatory for everyone in the country to spend a week in a nudist resort the entire consciousness of the nation would change regarding this matter.

    • Randy says:

      I agree, I am now 65 but I have been a nudist al my life and my 4 children , three boys and a girl they grew up from birth around nudity , now they are off course all adults now and scattered all around , but it was a healthy way to see that the naked body , either male or female or adult or children was and is nothing to be ashamed of .

  11. ice says:

    Strange. I never been a nudist or have been to a beach or known any nudists .. and i dont see anything wrong with my self being raised that way ,so i really dont get this ,kids must be nude thing.. my body is the way it is and who cares if im ashamed of it or not? If adults wanna be naked on a nude beach so they can get a nice tan all over ? Fine ,not a problem at all .. but to be nude all the time and with kids? ..
    Lots of nudists/naturists are ppl that weren`r raised as ones ,how come all of a sudden they feel its good to be naked for them and for others? Im sorry but it just dont make any sence to me , specially with that lady saying that it is wrong to have an errection and that nudism/nudity isnt sexual .. well if being nude is soo “natrual” isnt being sexual and having an errection now and then natrual too? Or stuff like that are forbidden to be spoken about so that “the cloted freaks” wouldnt look at naturists as pervs? Eventho in a way as far as those things go ,i dont think theres any difference between cloted and not tho still nudists/naturists make it seem like they are basicly asexual when one reads/hears how they always state out that being nude isnt sexual ,its like always the first thing to be pointed out ..kinda reminds me when a lil kid does something bad and they go to the parents and says .. mommy i didnt brake anything today ,hoping that when she finds out , she wont be mad at him/her.

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  13. LOVELY! Family nudity is beautiful!!!

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