Women are speaking out on being naked

tumblr_lrz1nfIJI41qkce3so1_500As a society we need to normalize body image and acceptance. Nudity has really helped me accept myself in a way much deeper than ever before. I like me better now.  Nudity is about acceptance of who we are, and social nudity is an affirmation of ourselves to others. There is no ‘ugly’, ‘unattractive’ or ‘undesirable’. There is acceptance and inclusion and openness. Social nudity permits you to be who you are, not some made up image or idea.  This article on women speaking out about nudity is a must read for all women.

Naturist Philosopher

Nudity needs to become the new normal

Normalize and desensitize. We need more nudity, not less. But by more nudity, I don’t just mean more perfection, more sanitization, more photoshopped, starving, plastic models. The sight of a breast should neither offend us nor rile us up into a sexualized frenzy. Enjoy them privately with your consensual sexual partner if you’d like, but there is really no reason why a glance at a breast outside of that situation should reduce women to little more than a sexual commodity, to be judged and dehumanized. Nor should we assume that men are incapable of seeing women beyond that scope.

How Getting Naked in Front of Strangers Made Me Feel Good About My Body

Seeing real nudity, not airbrushed in magazines or plastered on billboards, reminds one of a simple fact: human bodies are inherently sort of silly looking. We have parts that bounce…

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4 Responses to Women are speaking out on being naked

  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    First, thanks for re-blogging this, Alex. Good eye. Second, I agree with your comment that we need to normalize and desesensitize. A woman’s breast is no more sexual than a man’s penis. They are a part of our anatomy that are functional, like our hands, feet, etc. Have a great weekend, take care, stay bare and keep warm! 🙂

  2. Happy Bare says:

    Thank you Roger, you are right, it’s not all about breasts, penises and vulvae. (my goodness this sound so staid and sober). …. I’m thinking ….. OK, It’s not about tits, cunts, cocks and bums. We all have these parts. There is nothing ugly or shameful about them. Each one of us is a complete and beautiful organism, We need to celebrate that, to enjoy it, to honour it. If we could just start to feel good about ourselves we would be much better people. We hide in our clothes, we use clothes to become who we are not. When a woman says that she can not go outside without make up, what does that say about how she feels about herself? We are all basically good and we are all basically naked. Let’s be good and naked together.

  3. M says:

    This is a great post. Lately I have become much more comfortable in my own bare self. I used to not look in the mirror from neck down due to stretch marks and a pooched belly from three children growing inside of me. But I look at my body and other bodies with more pride. It is as you said “we are hiding under our clothes”

    • Happy Bare says:

      That’s great. It’s a real shame on how women beat themselves up for no reason other than that of the media (supported by commercial interests) pounding the Barbie super model drum. We are all beautiful in or own way and we need to be proud of it. If you didn’t have those stretch marks, there wouldn’t be three beautiful people in the world. I’m proud of you M.

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