Sex and nakedness bare facts

334You would think that those sexy nudists would be having sex all the time.  After all, nakedness affords the not only opportunity but the constant visual stimulation that they just can’t turn away from. Imagine they just sit or stand or lie around, naked as the day they were born, admiring each others exciting and attractive bodies, and just reaching out and taking the fruit of their lustful desires for free.  They don’t even have to ask, they just take with no regard for the poor clothed people that have to work so hard just to get a little action.  And then when they’re done they just lie around like like fat sated walruses, just smacking their lips.  It’s just not fair!

As a nudist I spend about three quarters of my time naked, and I only wish the above was even remotely true.  Fact of the matter is that nudists don’t have sex more often than anyone else.  We are just average, like the textiles.  The constant visual stimulation of having bare bodies around you lasts only for the first few minutes and then fades away. Even the most attractive of us garner little more that a passing glance. The nice thing about being a nudist is that relationships start off not with physical attraction, but with with a more personal interest in the other person. Conversation, companionship and friendship are the first order of the relationship. If sex does occur, it’s private and unhurried, and we don’t have to rip our clothes off.

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7 Responses to Sex and nakedness bare facts

  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    Thank you, Alex, for dispelling a common myth. So many equate nudity with promiscuity. True, there may be a few who use their nakedness as an opportunity for exploitation, but no more then those who do the same while clothed. Most naturists/nudists have enough self-respect and consideration of others to keep their intimacy private.

    Great job, buddy! Peace! Stay naked. Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Glad I found this site. I like it. I guess I was born into the wrong culture. I like yours.

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