Happy Bare Naked Naturist Nudists or not

ImageWhy can’t bare naked naturist nudists barely get along? Such a simple thing as being without clothing draws out so many varying opinions from so many people. There are actually arguments where some insist they are truer nudists than others because they have a deeper or more spiritual understanding of nakedness. Others say they are better nudists because they have more fun being naked.  Some naturists say that some nudists are barely out of the woods in their understanding of nakedness, while some nudists say that naturists are just naked treehuggers barely out of the naked shame closet.  To some just because the word ‘nude’ rhymes with ‘lewd’, things done in the nude become sexual and licentious, while to others the word nakedness implies poverty and want and so should not be used. Nudists appear to be naked people of mixed genders that hang around together in groups, while naturists appear to be naked people of mixed genders that hang around together in the woods or streams or mountains, but not in urban settings. Everybody seems to be hell bent on defining nakedness according to their own understanding of it. Some say that nakedness bring them closer to God, while others say, well, God wouldn’t really mind, while others say the devil makes them get naked. It is all very confusing and divisive. Traditional nudists are fearful of declining numbers and are reaching out to younger nudists to join them in their white plastic lawn chairs set on manicured lawn surrounded by high fences communities. Younger naked people think that traditional (older) nudist are lame and seek more active pursuits like naked biking, canoodling, hiking or just hanging around at home alone or with some naked friends. The balkanisation of nudists/naturists/naked people into small groups that define and cling on to their own narrow precept of what it is to be naked, leads to further angst and discord amongst naked people.

We need to get down to the bare facts, the naked truth about nakedness. First, when you are without clothes on your body, you are naked. Secondly, if you enjoy being naked, you are a nudist. If you enjoy being naked and outside in nature, you are a naturist.  Thirdly, if you enjoy being naked with other naked people, you are a social nudist or social naturist.  As happy bare people we need to come together to further the acceptance of private and of social nakedness.  All the rest of it is just naked dressing.

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34 Responses to Happy Bare Naked Naturist Nudists or not

  1. Reblogged this on home clothes free and commented:
    Another good commentary about the state of the clothes free community

  2. I think the balkanization reflects a similar trend in society at large towards more groups of people who all think alike and away from large institutional gatherings arounds a common purpose

  3. What a fun essay, and quite true. Something that we’ve noticed over the years is that those arguments over who’s what kind of nudist/naturist/whatever only seem to happen online. We haven’t heard it discussed anywhere in person, though just about everything else about nudism is!

    As a aside, with all the ‘naked’, ‘nude’,”naturists’, ‘nudists’ etc tossed into this article, it should climb in the search engines pretty fast! 😉 We’ll be sharing it too!

  4. aguywithoutboxers says:

    A very humorous explanation of naked/nude/naturist/clothes-free/clothing-optional politics! A very good one at that. As for me, I just stay out of the debate about whatever and enjoy my life as bare as possible. It’s much simpler that way.

    Nice work, Alex! Spring is almost here! It’s getting warmer now! Be bare and take care, buddy! 🙂

    • Happy Bare says:

      Thanks Roger. I’m sure I’m suffering from cabin fever up here. We had snow yet again this morning, at least 4 inches. (that’s not much by our standards) However all this coming week will be above 0°C, so the snow banks will be melting quickly.

      • aguywithoutboxers says:

        Well, my nude buddy, that weather prediction should all bring a big grin to your bare chin! 😉 I know you’ll take full advantage of the better temperatures. Trust me, I’m doing the same here! Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

  5. Just like any small part of the human experience, we who better think outside of the boxer (or brief, pantie or any other textile underpinnings) are subject to sectarianism. What we need to do is unite for the cause of more venues in which we may be allowed to be out of our fabrics.

    Also needed is the educating of the “grater” society that any wholesome activity that can be engaged in while clothed is just as wholesome engaged in while unclothed.

    These two things we can agree are good for all the happy textile-less peoples. Then as we gather in our newly unfettered venues unfeathered, we can then have the higher conversations of the piety of our purity or the mere lark of our lack.

    ♫ United we stand, divided we fall. ♫ And together we can leave our clothes hooked to the wall. ♫ Together you and I. ♫ ((Holding hands and swaying))

    • Happy Bare says:

      Ha ha ha…. Good one or two or three … ‘newly unfettered venues unfeathered’, ‘piety of our purity or the mere lark of our lack’. I see sir that you too have a nimble tongue. You just can’t hide the naked truth.

  6. Danee says:

    While I do have very firm convictions on what a Naturist is, I do like the article and have reposted it on http://www.internationalyn.org Thank-you!

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  8. carlnudi says:

    Very well put, HB. Why can’t we all get along?
    I reflagged this on http://lookingatbothsidesnow.wordpress.com

  9. carlnudi says:

    Reblogged this on Look at Both Sides Now and commented:
    Happy Bare tells the naked truth

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  17. alexander says:

    do wehave any home nudists in the uk who want to be nude with others in their home

  18. I agree with your assessment, but then often people of a like mind differ. Each thinks he/she has the right opinion, which is fine, but as you point out we are one. I think the defference is security. Nudists have gated camps and naturists have beaches. Buth there are more than these in the nude camp. We all came together here when nude dancing was about to be prohibited in strip bars. Ao too are the closet nude people who skinny dip or are nude at home but haven’t yet come out to join in social nudity. We are many, but not always in agreement.

  19. Steve Budd says:

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