How (and why) to start a local naturist group

The more we get together… the happier we’ll be…

Naturist Philosopher


In our previous article in this series we discussed the naturist apathy problem and offered some suggestions anyone could try personally to build enthusiasm for naturism in oneself and others. The last of these was to start your own non-landed naturist club. That is, an informal social club that meets at the homes of its members or at naturist locations that group members visit together. (Here’s a short article with a brief overview of the subject.)

Perhaps that sounds like it could be a lot of work and entail a substantial commitment of time. But that’s not necessarily so. There are many types of informal naturist clubs, and they can be as small and simple as you want. Such a group might be just like any other informal social group you belong to, except all members enjoy social nudity to some degree or other. Groups can be as diverse…

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4 Responses to How (and why) to start a local naturist group

  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    Cool re-blog, Alex! Good catch! Stay nude and free! 🙂

  2. Hello Happy Bare! I wish that I lived near you there. It would be wonderful to join your local group. Right now in my life I do not have money to travel to any spectacular Nudist Resort. Though I am a hard worker. Such as cleaning, setting up tables, keeping the toilets clean!

    People laugh at the toilet part though having clean bathrooms is important for Health. Imagine a bathroom that was only cleaned once a month at lets say a School or Hotel? It would be disastrous!

    I have a feeling that you are a down to earth and good person to hang out with Nude! Just wish I was not in New York.

    Have a wonderful Naked life Happy Bare!

    Your Nudist Friend,

    • Happy Bare says:

      Hi Thomas the Nudist, I don’t go to spectacular nudist resorts! I make my own fun. BTW never judge yourself by the work you do, only by how well you do it. I live in Montreal, that’s not far from you. I want you do do this…. go to and sign up. You’ll meet some nice people.

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