Fishing naked with two naked buddies. Problems ahead.


I tried naked fishing and it was exhilarating . The sun, the air moving, that magic of being naked. I loved it even though I caught nothing but a great day. Sadly, nakedness has caused my life to be so much fuller yet completely topsy turvy! I spend most of my day naked and I do naked things with other naked people, but all of my pre-naked friends and family have no idea. It’s like I’m living two lives. Take yesterday for example. I was down by the river fishing naked with two naked friends. It was simply wondrous. My cell phone rang, it was my estranged wife, from a pre-naked life. I knew what to do. I let the phone ring till she got a message to leave a message. I could just imagine how the conversation would go… ‘You’re fishing naked by the river with two naked buddies!?’ I would say “Yes. that’s what I said. Fishing naked with two naked buddies.” It was a conversation I didn’t want to have. Maybe someday, but not today. Not when I’m fishing naked with two naked buddies.

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11 Responses to Fishing naked with two naked buddies. Problems ahead.

  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    LOL! Great post, Alex, I understand your situation entirely, When in the “nude zone,” you simply don’t want to be bothered by someone outside the zone. Have a terrific naked weekend, buddy! Be nude and hang free! 🙂

  2. Happy Bare says:

    Thank Roger, you too. have a great one. Stay naked.

  3. Ignudo says:

    Nudity is a selfish kind of way of living, of living with the enjoyment that only the person can understand .You Don’t do it for anyone else.

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  5. Happy im feeling your pain Brother! I try and drop hints to me being a nudist via sharing All-Nudists articles on my facebook (i will be sharing yours as well) however with 500 + FB friends only 2-3 ever hit the like button. Keep in mind though you and I and a few 1000 other people have tried it and we love it and thats all that matters.

    It’s a shame one or two of my friends wont write me a message and ask a question or say they want to give it a try sometime, but they dont. Society has dictated how people need to look,act, and feel and Sheeple are just doing what their told. it’s a shame because i enjoy nudism by myself and I have nobody to share it with besides other nudists i meet at these places i go. Be happy you do have a couple fishing buddys thats something i dont have.

    • Happy Bare says:

      Thank for the comment Kevin, I realize now that I will not abandon nudity ever. So I need to inform my friends that this is the ways it is with me now, and let the chips lay where they may. I am not giving up such pleasure cause people say it’s wrong. Naked is the way we were made, it is the way we were born, it is the one common point that we all have with each other. I can not feel shame for something that is so right.

  6. Maryam says:

    Well I am going to try that some time but not where I was fishing today. So many bugs and ticks…. But you look so happy !!!! Hooray

  7. carlnudi says:

    You look so content in this photo, Alex. Too bad you’re worried about how friends and family may react, then again you never know. They may be very accepting about it. For years I never said anything to any of my brothers or sister, except for one that lives near me in Florida. His wife then let the the other members of the family know that I was a nude model and they all just thought, “Oh, that’s just Carl being his old eccentric self again. Then over the years I would put hints into my conversations about being a nudist and now they could care less. And I also don’t care anymore who knows.

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