Montreal WNBR 2014

Montreal WNBR getting ready
Montreal’s 2014 World Naked Bicycle Ride on Saturday July 5th in downtown Montreal was a huge success with almost 3 times more riders than last year.  Montreal is a very bicycle friendly city. It leads all other North American cities for bike paths, with over 600 kilometers of bike paths, lane and trails in the city alone and Quebec has with well over 3000 kilometers of bike paths. The weather on ride day was perfect, 25°, not too humid, sunny with a slight breeze. We were approximately 120 riders who rode twice around the downtown core lead a brilliant police bicycle escort (no, they were in uniform).  The cops very efficiently stopped all the traffic at the corners and our group was able to safely navigate our course. We were supported by a very positive audience all around that cheered, waved and honked their horns to encourage us. Montreal is also Canada’s city of festivals and this Saturday was certainly no exception. Montreal WNBR startTraffic downtown was at a standstill with many road closures all around due to our two week long Jazz Festival, the music festival on Ile Jean Drapeau and the Caribe parade (Canada’s largest Caribbean parade) that had just concluded. Loads of tourists to Montreal stood andMontreal WNBR the Main cheered on the sidewalks and admittedly some of their awed expression were priceless. One woman just getting of a tourist bus stood with mouth wide open as her traveling companion said in a very loud unbelieving voice said ‘They’re all naked!’

After some confusion, we set off along Rene Levesque boulevard to Saint Laurent Street along the The Main to deMaisoneuve, through the Jazz festival site behind the Place des Arts to and along Crescent street where all the patrons of the trendy drinkeries raised their glasses to the naked spectacle on the street. Throng of picture takers were clicking away on the sidewalks as we turned back on to Rene Levesque and began the circuit again. Many who were only partially naked at the beginning lost what ever reservations they had and completed the second lap completely bare Montreal WNBR Jazz Site and happy too!  It was a highly successful and most excellent day. The participants and the audience as well are looking forward now to the nighttime ride scheduled for early August. A nice job was done by the organizers.Thanks! It was a great naked day.

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Pope John Paul II on nakedness

The human body can remain nude and uncovered and preserve intact its splendor and its beauty… Nakedness as such is not to be equated with physical shamelessness… Immodesty is present only when nakedness plays a negative role with regard to the value of the person…The human body is not in itself shameful… Shamelessness, just like shame and modesty, is a function of the interior of a person.

Karol Cardinal Woytyla (John Paul II), Love and Responsibility, translation by H. T. Willetts, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York: 1981.

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A good place to start.

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Naturists wed bare in ancient ‘handfast’ ceremony

What was once old is now new, what was covered is now bare. The honesty of nakedness is symbolic but for all to see.

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Fishing naked with two naked buddies. Problems ahead.


I tried naked fishing and it was exhilarating . The sun, the air moving, that magic of being naked. I loved it even though I caught nothing but a great day. Sadly, nakedness has caused my life to be so much fuller yet completely topsy turvy! I spend most of my day naked and I do naked things with other naked people, but all of my pre-naked friends and family have no idea. It’s like I’m living two lives. Take yesterday for example. I was down by the river fishing naked with two naked friends. It was simply wondrous. My cell phone rang, it was my estranged wife, from a pre-naked life. I knew what to do. I let the phone ring till she got a message to leave a message. I could just imagine how the conversation would go… ‘You’re fishing naked by the river with two naked buddies!?’ I would say “Yes. that’s what I said. Fishing naked with two naked buddies.” It was a conversation I didn’t want to have. Maybe someday, but not today. Not when I’m fishing naked with two naked buddies.

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How (and why) to start a local naturist group

The more we get together… the happier we’ll be…

Naturist Philosopher


In our previous article in this series we discussed the naturist apathy problem and offered some suggestions anyone could try personally to build enthusiasm for naturism in oneself and others. The last of these was to start your own non-landed naturist club. That is, an informal social club that meets at the homes of its members or at naturist locations that group members visit together. (Here’s a short article with a brief overview of the subject.)

Perhaps that sounds like it could be a lot of work and entail a substantial commitment of time. But that’s not necessarily so. There are many types of informal naturist clubs, and they can be as small and simple as you want. Such a group might be just like any other informal social group you belong to, except all members enjoy social nudity to some degree or other. Groups can be as diverse…

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Happy Bare’s Naked News

Last year I was an single old straight white guy. Then I discovered nakedness. It felt so good. Good for my body, good for my mind and doubly good for my spirit. I thought I should tell everyone. My textile friends I knew would not approve so I figured I should get some naked friends to share my happy bareness with. I set off with a desire to make naked friends, I began to blog here, I signed up for naked Meetup groups, I joined an active naked online (NOOK) group, I advertised for naked friends on Craigslist, I approached naked people I met in naked situations and began conversations. I read lots to learn the culture and ethos of nakedness. I knew that simple nakedness felt good, I heard that nudists were accepting and inclusive, and so, I became accepting, inclusive and non judgmental myself. I made friends with naked straight men and women, I’ve made friends with naked gay men, naked gay women, and naked bisexuals as well with people that are not naked but interested enough to follow this adventure. I lost whatever inhibitions I may have had about dropping my clothing. I admit that I may have been a bit cynical about these new relationships. After all, real friendships are built over a long period of time, and you know about naked people (wink, wink).

For no particular reason, I neglected my blog the entire month of April. I was either too busy, or too tired or to lazy to post. I just kind of dropped out. I hadn’t lost interest in nakedness, I have been spending more and more time bare. I just didn’t blog.

Much to my sheepish surprise many of these naked people began to send me notes, ‘how are you?’, ‘is everything OK?’, ‘waiting for your next post’, and so on. I admit, I am so pleasantly surprised and humbled. Some of these people I have met physically, but most only online.

So thank you all for your concern, your acceptance and friendship. Thank you all so very much. You know who you are. So kind and thoughtful.

Now I’m just a naked old tanned white guy with naked friends, and I’m Happy Bare.

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